How to free up space on WhatsApp

Pictures, videos and documents exchanged on WhatsApp take up your smartphone’s memory, slowing down your device. Here’s how to delete them WhatsApp is one of the apps that takes up the most space on your smartphone’s memory. The messaging application is used not only to exchange messages (which take up very little space), but also … Read more

Snake venom can close wounds in seconds

A team of researchers has developed a “super glue” from snake venom that is more biodegradable than synthetic plasters and seals wounds in 45 seconds. Snake venom may also be beneficial to your health. A team of researchers at Western University has managed to derive a “super glue” from the harmful substance of this species … Read more

Twitter Spaces, the alternative to Clubhouse for Android becomes reality

Twitter Spaces for Android is becoming a reality. While Clubhouse continues to procrastinate the launch of the version of its app dedicated to users of the robot, postponed – according to the latest statements – to next May, Twitter pulls out of the hat its alternative, beating all competitors, such as Facebook, Telegram and – … Read more