Twitter opens audio spaces to everyone: how to use them

There's always more room for voice conversations on social networks, especially on Twitter: now the little bird is ready to welcome everyone to its audio spaces

The list of novelties churned out by Twitter in 2021 never stops growing. A few months after the introduction of the Spaces, the platform adds another feature that has all the potential to make the audio spaces dedicated to conferences the most frequented in the world of social.

The arrival and early successes of Clubhouse, an app based on voice communication, have laid down the law in terms of innovation in the world of social networks. That's why, last January, the platform chose to inaugurate the so-called Twitter Spaces, virtual rooms in which to carry out conversations and voice conferences. The long time and the invitations of Clubhouse, however, have favored over time the migration on the social of chirps, which has been able to seize the opportunity to carve out a dominant position in the entire global landscape. Now, with the new implementation, the bluebird could become even more of a protagonist, attracting a growing number of people ready to take advantage of the green light to the feature.

Twitter Spaces, how to use audio spaces

Once available on your profile, the brand new feature allows everyone - regardless of the number of followers - to start an audio space. This is a radical change, since until now only users with more than 600 followers had the option that allowed them to start an audio space, while the others were allowed only the participation.

Starting a space is simple: just press and hold on the pen icon, the same used for a new tweet, until the triptych of icons dedicated to the creation of a new publication appears. The first one, starting from the left, with dots forming a rhombus, is dedicated to Spaces: it is sufficient to tap on it in order to proceed to the actual creation, also assigning a name that can be viewed by the participants.

As the social network itself reminds us, spaces are public and anyone can join the conversation, except for blocked users; non-logged-in users, however, can still connect and listen to the discussion. Each space can host up to 10 active participants, following the rules of the host (number recently increased to a maximum of two); the host has the power to show tweets posted to listeners who, instead, have the opportunity to comment and show appreciation or other emotions via emoji. Also useful is the ability to follow subtitles in real time, also available in Italian.

Twitter Spaces, when they arrive

According to what the official Twitter support account says, the feature extension is arriving right now on the accounts of users of the social via mobile application, both with Android and iOS operating systems. So if it still turns out to be unavailable, you just have to wait and try again later.