Kena Power, 5 euros for 20GB and 1000 minutes for everyone

Iliad's low-cost offer has triggered a race to the bottom for many mobile operators, here's Kena's answer with 20GB and 1000 minutes for 5 euros per month

The arrival in Italy of Iliad, the French phone company with a really low-cost offer, has triggered a race to the bottom even among other operators. Vodafone has already presented an offer for re-entry, and also Kena, the virtual operator of TIM, has launched a new very cheap plan.

Kena Power, this is the name of the new offer of the virtual operator TIM, provides 1000 minutes of calls, 50 SMS and 20 GB of data traffic (on 3G network), at a cost of 5 euros per month. Kena Power is a rechargeable offer and can be activated both by new customers, even with portability of their number to Kena, and by those who already have a tariff plan with the virtual operator TIM. The monthly cost is "forever", so there will be no increase after months or years. The Kena Power offer has no activation fee. However, this is a special limited edition offer that can be activated by the end of June and no later.

How is the offer Kena Power with 20GB and 1000 minutes of calls

The offer Kena Power as said provides 1000 minutes in the voice package, 50 SMS and 20 GB of data traffic (on 3G network), at a cost of 5 euros per month (solar, of course).The calls of the low-cost package Kena Power do not include connection charge and the pricing is assessed to the actual seconds of conversation. This is different for data traffic, which provides for 1 KB in advance. Kena Power, as well as most of the offers Kena, does not provide additional paid services. Even the service "I've been looking for you" is free and you can not activate subscriptions by accidentally clicking on banner ads online or in applications.

How to activate the offer Kena Power

The new low-cost offer Kena Power can be activated online on the website of the virtual operator of TIM, by downloading the App Kena Mobile (available for Android and for iPhone), at selected Points of Sale in the territory or by calling the free number 181. This procedure is valid both for those who want to activate a new SIM and for those who ask for portability. Those who want to switch to Kena while keeping their number, however, must indicate the serial code of their SIM and can also request the transfer of residual credit.