WhatsApp: very useful new feature, but it’s not for everyone

The new version of WhatsApp coming soon presents a feature that will make sharing even easier: what is it

The beta version of WhatsApp Messenger for iOS devices heralds an interesting new option to share even easier. Version of the popular messaging app is part of the TestFlight beta program that has been closed and hints that it will be released for everyone soon.

The incoming update will be the first beta version of WhatsApp in 2021 and will allow you to paste multiple images and videos simultaneously in WhatsApp chats, as well as fix the bug that prevented the search for status updates and make improvements to voice calls, but also video and group calls, thanks also to an improved connection. There are also important novelties for the creation of new contacts and the management of your address book, as well as better URL sharing and optimization of chat backups. Finally, it will be easier to make stickers and custom Memoji.

WhatsApp, the new feature to share

The new WhatsApp feature allows you to easily share photos and videos in a few taps and at the moment in the beta version has been implemented only for those who use an iOS device, such as an Apple iPhone.

To use it you have to open the Photos app, select multiple images and tap on Export, then tap on Copy. After copying the images or videos to the gallery, opening the WhatsApp app you'll simply need to hold in the chat bar until the pop-up opens and tap Paste to be able to easily send the copied media from the other app.

WhatsApp: other features in the update

Among the call improvements, there's one that was already available for the beta version for Android devices that is now being extended to iOS as well. The feature allows you to invite any contact to join a call, even if they had previously declined it, and at any time during the call. It is a feature, however, that has not yet been enabled.

While the bug that prevented the search for status updates has been fixed, this beta version does not yet present solutions for the bug that prevents you from uploading a preview for a YouTube video to share.