Instagram, a feature to block spam messages

Instagram is developing a feature to block spam messages received from users you don't know: here's how it works

In the last period Instagram has to fight against a bad plague: bot accounts that send spam messages to users. More and more people are complaining of being added to Instagram groups without knowing any of the other participants or even the person who sent the message.

The blame lies with the millions of fake accounts and bots that now infest the social network dedicated to photos. In order to reach thousands of followers and resell the profile to communication agencies, more and more people are trying in every way to grow their fake account. And sending spam messages or invitations to groups is just the latest ploy used by these users. Instagram, however, seems to have found the solution to stop the relentless growth of spam messages: adding a setting that allows users to receive messages only from friends. Present on other social networks, it has never been implemented within Instagram, but now it seems that the time has come.

How to block spam on Instagram

The new feature was discovered by Jane Manchun Wong, girl expert of the Facebook world. By analyzing the code of the application she found the Messages section within the Privacy settings. Pressing on Messages opens a new tab in which you can decide who can send you messages: to block spam you have to choose "Friends only".

The new feature is still in testing phase: if everything goes well it will be released soon worldwide.