Instagram for iPhone updates with dark mode: how to activate it

Dark mode arrives in the iPhone version of Instagram: here's how to activate it and what changes for users

Dark mode has now spread across many operating systems, and has gradually appeared on apps like Facebook, WhatsApp and many others. With the night mode, the application is "tinged" with black (or blue) in order to tire the eyes less and decrease battery consumption on OLED screens.

According to numerous studies, the dark color - in this case blue - tires the eyes less and makes it easier to read and use the screen of a portable device. That's why it's especially recommended to use the dark mode when using a smartphone at night. On the wave of this trend, Instagram for iPhone is also updated with the so-called dark mode. The novelty was launched with the new iOS 13. The new version of the operating system allows you to enable dark mode and activate it on apps that support it. Among the latter is also the famous photo social network, but you have to update the app to the latest version available.

How does dark mode work on Instagram?

The dark mode is now a standard on many operating systems, we find it on Android 10 and also on iOS 13. In recent days, iOS 13 has opened the novelty also to third-party apps including Instagram. To activate the feature, you don't have to go inside the app, but in Instagram's Settings. In the display section you will be able to choose whether to activate the Light Theme (the classic one) or switch to the Dark Theme. The change will happen in all applications that support the dark mode, including Instagram.

What does it change for users? Absolutely nothing from a functionality point of view. It will be a simple change on an aesthetic level, with the white background replaced by black.

Instagram is at the center of big changes: here's why

One thing is for sure: in addition to dark mode, Instagram is at the center of other interesting changes. For example, the navigation interface will be changed, from which the "Followers" tab will disappear. This will prevent you from seeing what activities of people you follow on the social network. Currently, the "Followers" tab is used by many users who want to check what other people are doing on the app: from Likes to comments left on other accounts.

This huge news related to Instagram follows another interesting move in recent weeks: the dimming of Likes by the company. In fact, for some time now, it's no longer possible to see how many Likes a piece of content has acquired, unless you resort to precise tricks.