WhatsApp updates with an important new feature for groups: what changes

WhatsApp has released an update that affects groups: new QR codes for invitations arrive. What changes

After releasing the ability to download animated stickers, WhatsApp developers have released a new update dedicated this time to groups. In fact, the QR code that allows a user to log into a group without being invited has been updated. A little-used feature, but which is actually very useful to speed up access to friends and relatives.

The QR code was already present on WhatsApp, but now the technicians have decided to update it and make a simple redesign to make it more compliant with the stylistic lines of the application. The operation, however, remains the same: if you need to get a friend into a WhatsApp group and you are an administrator, just have him scan the QR code and he will have direct access. To use the new QR code, you need to update the app to the latest beta version for Android, number If you are not yet a beta tester, you can become one by downloading WhatsApp Beta directly from the Google Play Store.

WhatsApp, new QR Code for group invitation: how it works

A simple aesthetic change that minimally affects the real functioning of the tool. With the latest beta version of WhatsApp, the new design of QR Codes present in groups has been released. What are they used for? To get people into WhatsApp groups without sending them an invitation link. How does the QR code work? Very simple. Entering in the Settings of the group, you need to access the Invitation Links section and select QR Code. The QR Code will appear on the screen and the interested user can scan it to access the WhatsApp group.

Not to be confused with the QR Codes that technicians are trying to implement to share your WhatsApp account with people who have not saved it in the address book. This feature is also in development and should arrive soon.

How to download WhatsApp update

The novelty is already available in the WhatsApp Beta version for Android, the number To become a beta tester, you need to sign up for the program and download the appropriate app.