Vodafone, how to deactivate the continuity service

Vodafone allows you to deactivate the continuity of service that allows you to continue calling even if you don't have enough credit for the subscription

Vodafone listens to its users and allows you to deactivate the so-called "continuity of service", that is, the possibility to continue calling and surfing for another 24 hours when the subscription is over and you don't have money to renew it, paying 99 cents at the first useful recharge.

This service provides a maximum of two renewals, for a total of 1.98 euros to pay and 48 hours of calls and surfing with zero credit. After the 48 hours, if in the meantime the recharge has not arrived, the SIM remains active in reception only and for emergency calls but can no longer be used for surfing or normal calls. The continuity service was introduced on April 15, 2019 and was activated for all users with a tariff charged to the remaining credit, and Vodafone then changed the costs at the end of July of the same year. Now, to the delight of the many users who have accidentally used this service in the last year, it is finally possible to deactivate it.

How to deactivate the continuity service

The easiest way to deactivate Vodafone's continuity service is to call 190 and ask to speak to an operator. To which we will have to explicitly ask to deactivate the service, and then confirm our choice. Alternatively, you can use the digital assistant TOBi (available on the app, on WhatsApp, on Facebook Messenger. From Amazon Alexa via Skill, via Android Messages and on the Vodafone website) or the My Vodafone app. In this case we will have to ask to chat with an operator and not with a bot. Then, as in the case of the 190, we will have to ask and confirm to deactivate the continuity service.

What happens if we deactivate the continuity service

After we deactivate the continuity service we will go back to the pre April 15, 2019 situation: when we run out of credit we will no longer be able to call or surf. We will only be able to make classic emergency calls. We will not risk, however, to see us charged almost 2 euros if we forget to recharge.  Now you can say goodbye to the continuity of service without any additional cost: the deactivation is in fact free.