How to change default apps on Android

It often happens when buying an Android phone that you don't give too much thought to a choice, such as the default app.

Buying an Android smartphone involves a series of preliminary configurations and settings. It's a relatively short period of time, boring for some and exciting for others, in which the new phone takes instructions from us on how to adjust certain parameters and how to behave in certain situations.

Opening a generic file for which a few similar apps are installed is one of the junctures in which the Android smartphone asks itself and asks us how to behave on that occasion and in others that will arise in the future. The window that appears on the display is known to all, and in summary it asks what application to use by default to open that file or link unknown until that moment. So far no problem. Except that our decision, if unconscious, can generate a lot of confusion. This is the case when you absent-mindedly tap "Always open with..." and end up assigning the wrong default app to that particular file (such as a PDF).

Change default apps on Android

Remedy for this error, which is often due to a trivial distraction, is actually very simple, but you need to know which section of Android to ask. Imagine, for example, that you want to change the default web browser from Google Chrome to another one, you have to follow the path Settings > Apps and notifications > Show all apps in order to find Chrome within the list.

Find the default app set by mistake, in our example Google Chrome, you have to tap on it and expand the Advanced menu. After that just select Search app to get the screen that lets you select the new app to set by default, for example Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox. The process can be repeated for any app and as many times as you want to revise your choice.

There is a second way that is in some ways even more convenient than the previous one, if only for the fact that it offers an overview of all the apps set by default and allows you to change individual choices very quickly. The path to follow is Settings > Apps & Notifications > Default Apps, which shows you all the apps set by default for various file types and by task type.

"Only once" or "Always"?

The problem, trivially, comes from the wrong choice made the first time you open a certain file type, or in the case of browsers when you want to open a link to a website.

There are two options: "Only once", which allows you to ask the selected app only on that occasion, while the same banner will appear with the same question on subsequent occasions; "Always", on the other hand, will make that choice definitive, thus transforming the app selected on that occasion into the default for that type of file or content. As explained above, of course the choice is always reversible, even if sometimes you may think otherwise.