What are Android Instant Apps

Instant Apps are apps that don't need to be downloaded and only allow you to use certain features. Here's how they work

During the 2016 Google I/O conference, the meeting aimed at developers, Mountain View presented Android Instant Apps. This is a system that allows you to run applications without having to install them on your smartphone: from the Google Play Store you will only download the functionality you need to use.

With an example it will be easier to understand how Instant Apps work. If, for example, you need to view train schedules, but don't want to download the whole app, you can use only the part of the app dedicated to arrivals or departures. And you won't have to download it. It will be available directly for use on the Google Play Store. Instant Apps are designed especially for those who live in developing countries, where downloading 300MB for a single app can be a real problem. Here's what Instant Apps are and how they work.

What are Instant Apps

Android Instant Apps are designed for all Android users who don't like downloading new programs to their smartphones. So as not to take up too much memory or slow down the performance of the device. With Instant Apps we can try, or use if necessary, an application that perhaps during a long period of time we have kept on the phone without ever using it. Occupying only memory space. The loading of an Instant Apps is almost immediate. The system, in fact, downloads only 4MB per application on our Android smartphone.

How Instant Apps Work

To use Instant Apps, you need to sign in to the Google Play Store. Next to the Download button, you will also find the link to access the Instant Apps. Once we close an Instant Apps it will disappear forever from our smartphone. From the first tests it seems, however, that each Instant Apps remains saved in the cache of Android smartphones for a few hours.

What changes for developers

Developers will have to completely change their approach to the creation of applications. In fact, Instant Apps cannot be developed in the same way as regular ones. Google has already released guidelines to follow that will make life much easier for software houses. The big change is in the way the apps will have to be made: each software will have to have modules inside, so that the user downloads only the part he needs and uses the app instantly without having to install it.