How to send high-resolution photos with WhatsApp

Transferring high-resolution images is really very simple: just share the file with a contact like a normal document. Here’s how to do it Over the past few months, WhatsApp has changed a lot, especially when it comes to file sharing. To the delight of its users, through the instant messaging app, in fact, it is … Read more

Iliad, SMS scam promises a double top-up, but empties the account

For a few days Iliad users have been receiving a message promising a double top-up, but it’s a scam Smishing is back and this time it’s affecting Iliad customers. Since a few days some users are receiving a message promising a double Iliad top-up if you do it directly online. The text invites the user … Read more

WhatsApp, from June 30 stops working on old phones

The company confirms the decision made last November, ending its service for Nokia S40 and Symbian S60 and for Blackberry OS and Blackberry 10 The countdown has begun. As previously announced by the same company owned by Facebook, WhatsApp from next June 30 will no longer be available on some models of smartphones that run … Read more

Black Friday and Cyber Monday: what are the differences

The two days of discounts seem to be a copy of each other. Originally, however, the differences were quite pronounced. Here’s what’s changed For many, they’re one duplicating the other. Two identical “celebrations” repeated within days of each other. Instead, although they may appear similar, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two appointments born at … Read more

What are Android Instant Apps

Instant Apps are apps that don’t need to be downloaded and only allow you to use certain features. Here’s how they work During the 2016 Google I/O conference, the meeting aimed at developers, Mountain View presented Android Instant Apps. This is a system that allows you to run applications without having to install them on your smartphone: … Read more