How to see deleted messages on Whatsapp

Did one of your contacts delete a message from WhatsApp? No problem: recovering deleted messages from WhatsApp is easier than you imagine

How many times on a WhatsApp chat, in a private or business conversation, have you been confronted with the words "This message has been deleted"? In fact, the "Delete" feature (or "Delete for All" in the case of collective chats) allows anyone who has written a message to delete it within a few minutes (within sixty minutes in the case of "Delete for All").

Very useful if we've written something in the wrong chat or if we've "overdone it" with words, the message deletion feature often triggers the question "what did the deleted message contain?" Luckily, or unluckily, there are some tricks to see deleted messages on WhatsApp, both with the Android and iOS app. There's no shortage of privacy concerns, because if I delete a message it means I don't want it to be read by others, but in the end everyone wants to read deleted messages on WhatsApp and looks for ways to do so. And, in fact, there are several ways to read deleted messages on WhatsApp.

How to read deleted messages on WhatsApp for Android

If we use WhatsApp's Android app, it's incredibly easy to read deleted messages in chats: just install the right app. There are many, but the most famous is WhatsRemoved, which, once installed on your smartphone, intercepts all WhatsApp notifications and stores them in a file outside of the application.

When someone deletes a message from a chat WhatsRemoved steps in and warns us, allowing us to read the previously recorded message. It also works with multimedia messages, so we may find ourselves seeing some video or audio sent to us by mistake by one of our contacts.

A second application to see deleted messages on WhatsApp is NotificationHistory, which does nothing more than add a "WhatsApp" tab to the Android notification center from which we can see the archive of notifications, and therefore also of messages subsequently deleted, related to WhatsApp.

How to read deleted messages on iOS

If we have an iPhone or another iOS device, however, to read deleted messages in WhatsApp iPhone chats we need to install a data recovery app. Like Dr Fone, which, however, requires connecting the Apple smartphone to a PC or Mac. From the window "WhatsApp messages and attachments" we will be able to access all deleted content and attempt to recover them by clicking on "Restore". It usually works, but it is certainly a much more cumbersome procedure than for Android phones.