Contact management for business: how to collect them

Collecting contacts of possible customers is fundamental for the development of every company. Without a precise organization, however, are in fact useless For a company, whatever its size and the sector in which it operates, it is essential to collect and manage contacts of suppliers, customers and possible customers. And the company website, if well … Read more

New cell discovered in heart: mystery about its function

It looks like one of those in the central nervous system, but it’s not clear what it’s doing in the heart: we have no idea what role the newly discovered cell in the heart plays In a sense, the human body still remains a mystery. There are still many things to discover and many elements … Read more

How to see deleted messages on Whatsapp

Did one of your contacts delete a message from WhatsApp? No problem: recovering deleted messages from WhatsApp is easier than you imagine How many times on a WhatsApp chat, in a private or business conversation, have you been confronted with the words “This message has been deleted”? In fact, the “Delete” feature (or “Delete for … Read more