Fallout becomes a TV series, coming to Amazon Prime Video

Amazon will produce the TV series on Fallout. The announcement comes via a short video on Twitter. Here's all we know

A twenty-second video, enough to spark the imagination of millions of fans: Fallout, one of the most important video game series of the last decade, will become a TV series. And to produce it will be Amazon along with Kilter Films, the same production company that made Westworld. To work on the "film" adaptation of Fallout are two bigwigs like Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, who in recent years have worked on great TV series.

Logically will be of the game also Bethesda Softworks with its studies will help the writers to make an adaptation that is faithful to the original and does not distort too much the story of one of the most important video games of all time. For the moment the news available are very scarce and we do not know what will be the subject of the TV series or what will be the protagonists of the cast. The only thing certain is that Amazon has decided to bet heavily on this TV series and the budget seems to be very important. Another sign of the fact that Amazon Prime Video wants to become a credible opponent of Netflix.

Fallout, what the TV series will be about

The writers are already working on the plot of the TV series, but for the moment nothing has been leaked. The material at their disposal is really a lot and they can draw heavily from the imaginary built in recent years by the video game. There are all the conditions for the TV series dedicated to Fallout to become one of the best of its kind.

In addition, the investment made by Amazon shows how important video games have become in the culture of our time. Fallout, in fact, is not the first video game from which a TV series will be made: HBO is already working on the TV adaptation of The Last of Us.

When will the Fallout TV series arrive on Amazon Prime Video

It's difficult to establish a firm timeline. Impossible that the TV series will arrive this year, much more likely that it will be available 2021, if not even in 2022.