Amazon Prime Video: movies and TV series coming in November 2021

Amazon Prime Video's catalog increases its offerings month by month: here are the new TV series and movies coming in November 2021

Each month, the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform increases its offerings with many TV series and movies for its users. Also in this month of November 2021, there are many new titles to watch and get excited about.

After the release of the remake of the cult horror film So What Did You Do and Years as a Dog last October, there are several new releases coming, including Amazon Exclusive and Amazon Original titles as well. Among them we find Vita da Carlo, the autobiographical TV series of the ironic actor and director Carlo Verdone, the third season of Hanna and the new fantasy series The Wheel of Time. Among the films coming in November we find Ben: Breathe, the docu-film about the life of singer Benjamin Mascolo, between the rare disease that struck him and revolutionized his life and the love for his future wife and actress Bella Thorne. Here are the top TV series and movies coming in November 2021.

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Vita da Carlo

The biographical TV series about the life of actor and director Carlo Verdone, humorously depicting the public figure's private life. Between friends, loves, passion for pharmacy and the time he was asked to run for mayor of Rome, Verdone traces his life.

The new comedy series Vita da Carlo is part of the Amazon Original catalog and will be available for streaming starting November 5.

The Wheel of Time

The Wheel of Time is the new fantasy series coming to Prime Video based on the best-selling novels by Robert Jordan. Fans of the fantasy genre have high expectations after seeing the first trailer released by Amazon and can already count on a second season for the events of Moiraine, the epic world where magic is real and only a selection of women are able to use it.

The Wheel of Time will be available to stream on Prime Video starting this November 19.

Always Jane

There's no shortage of docu-series in Prime Video's November catalog, with the arrival of Always Jane, which tells the story of transgender teen Jane Noury.

Always Jane will be streaming on Amazon Prime Video's platform from November 12.

Hanna: Season 3

Fans of the killer Hanna who tries to destroy the Utrax organization from the inside with the help of her longtime enemy Marissa Wiegler return to streaming with new episodes of Season 3.

Hanna's new adventures will be available for streaming starting next November 24.

Ben: Breathe

In the November catalog there is no shortage of space for a docu-film about the illness and life of Benjamin Mascolo, the singer and former part of the duo Benji and Faith. The docu-film will be called Ben: Respira, and will see the singer recounting his experiences and how he changed his life after the disease.

Ben: Respira is the docu-film coming to Prime Video on November 12.

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