The new TV series and movies coming to Netflix in July 2020

Netflix has announced the TV series and movies coming in July 2020. Many original titles and also some returns that will make happy users

Summer 2020 will be special because, due to the pandemic, many people will give up their vacations across the border and will make them in Italy. Probably they will be more likely to relax at home with their loved ones or in solitude.

In this perspective, of course, the pastimes will not change and among these stands Netflix that has already thought about how to entertain its audience: the streaming platform has published the news of July 2020. As for TV series, surely fantasy lovers will be happy because several interesting contents are arriving, starting with the first season of Cursed, inspired by the myth of King Arthur. But this is not the only one, every genre will be represented: from romantic, to horror. The July 2020 movie catalog is also really rich, and even in these cases we find several original films, including an Italian production entitled Sotto il cielo di Riccione. In short, there is something for everyone.

Netflix: new TV series of July 2020

Summer comes into full swing and also many original TV series, for which new seasons finally arrive. On July 1 will be released the second season of Deadwind, thriller TV series starring Detective Sofia Karppi, who investigates the death of a woman.

The switchboard girls will also return with the fifth season (July 2), The Protector (July 8), which reaches its fourth season, while on July 31 will be released the second season of The Umbrella Academy, centered on the events of the Hargreeves brothers, a group of superheroes with mental disorders. Alongside these great returns, you'll be able to enjoy many debuts.

On July 2, no less than four new titles will be released: Mystic Pop-Up Bar, Warrior Nun, The Babysitter's Club, and Ju-On: Origins. All four have completely different stories and genres. For example, Mystic Pop-Up Bar a 2020 South Korean series that tells the story of a boy who starts working inside a bar where he meets the elderly owner and discovers that she solves customers' problems by entering their dreams. We can then see the first season of Cursed, which tells the story of Nimue and the mercenary Arthur in search of Merlin. The list is long and the TV series will be released gradually throughout July so as not to leave us without something good to watch.

New movies on Netflix in July 2020

Thanks to the feature films coming in July on Netflix will not be difficult to recreate even at home the atmosphere of the cinema, because the news are so many that everyone will be satisfied: from lovers of comedies, to those of romantic films, up to horror and thrillers. Let's take a look at some of the most interesting titles. Let's start with the movies produced by Netflix.

Among the proposals also stands out an Italian production, which will be released on July 1, 2020: Sotto il sole di Riccione talks about the summer adventures of a group of teenagers on vacation at the beach. On July 3, it's the turn of Desperados, a romantic film, where Wes while drunk sends an embarrassing e-mail to his love but then tries in every way to destroy it before he reads it, coming all the way to Mexico. On July 10 there is a total change of genre: The Old Guard, an action film where we also find Charlize Theron in the role of a warrior who, along with her companions, tries to protect humanity from destruction. In the film there is also the Italian actor Luca Marinelli. On July 24 instead will be released The Kissing Booth 2, a romantic comedy that once again will tell the love dramas of Elle Evans, played by Joey Lynn King.

These were all the Netflix original movies, which will be joined by productions already released in theaters, more or less known. Among the cult films stands out The Da Vinci Code, Act of Strength or even Friendly Enemies. But the list of films is really long and is the envy of other platforms, such as the catalog of July 2020 Infinity.

In addition to feature films, Netflix has scheduled many Anime, a genre that we are now accustomed to seeing on the channel: the first season of Akame ga Kill!, the new episodes of InuYasha, the first season of The Tatami Galaxy and many others. In short, the service is an excellent solution for evenings spent at home in front of the TV, even during the summer.