3 doesn’t work throughout Italy on July 10, what’s happening

Since the very early morning of Tuesday, July 10, the 3 network has started acting up, leaving thousands of users "stranded" throughout Italy. What we know

The first signs were in the very early morning of Tuesday, July 10, between 4:30 and 6 am. A time, however, not very "active", so that the malfunction had passed almost unnoticed. From 6:30 a.m. onwards, when offices and homes began to "start up", the reports multiplied. In a few minutes thousands of users have begun to notice that Tre is not working on July 10.

Still unknown the reasons that led to the malfunction, but given the amount of reports and the extent of the problem, it is easy to assume that it is something very serious. To be most affected are the big cities all over the Peninsula, but most of the reports that the 3 is not working come from Northern Italy. The entire Po Valley and the alpine regions of our country seem to have problems with the 3 network, with users unable to surf online and make or receive calls.

In short, a total blackout of the 3 network, which has been going on for several hours and for which the possible causes are not yet known.

3 Italia down on July 10, what we know so far

Despite the messages and protests that are flooding in these minutes the social accounts of the customer service of 3 Italia, the causes of the malfunction are still shrouded in mystery. All we can do, therefore, is wait for the technicians of the largest Italian mobile operator (after the merger with Wind, which does not seem to be affected by the same problems, at the moment) to identify the possible causes and try to restore the service as soon as possible.

At around 10am, via its official Facebook account, 3 Italia has let it be known that it is experiencing problems on the data network, ensuring that the service will be restored shortly.

Wanting to venture into the field of conjecture and hypothesis, perhaps we can connect what's happening with the unification of the 3 Italia network with that of Wind, which should be completed throughout Italy in the coming weeks. Maybe, an overnight update of the control and management systems of the radio links has knocked out some nodes of great importance for the functioning of the entire 3 Italia network, causing the inefficiencies of this morning. As said, however, this is only a simple conjecture. It will be the same 3, most likely, to clarify what happened.