Sweden bans drones for privacy reasons

Swedish Supreme Administrative Court bans camera drones to comply with citizen privacy law Sweden is clipping the wings of camera drones. The Swedish Supreme Administrative Court has, in fact, equated them to real surveillance tools, therefore, a risk to the protection of privacy. It is the first country to ban their private use. The Swedish … Read more

Aluminum die casting molds: from design to production

Die casting molds are used in various industrial sectors: here is what can be created and how they are designed and produced Die casting is a very common procedure in industrial production and is used to create accessories, components and objects of various kinds. In order to realize high quality products, functional and in accordance … Read more

3 doesn’t work throughout Italy on July 10, what’s happening

Since the very early morning of Tuesday, July 10, the 3 network has started acting up, leaving thousands of users “stranded” throughout Italy. What we know The first signs were in the very early morning of Tuesday, July 10, between 4:30 and 6 am. A time, however, not very “active”, so that the malfunction had … Read more