Sky Original, not just TV series: big movies coming soon

After having produced many successful TV series, such as Gomorra or Petra, Sky is now dedicated to the production of movies. The first Sky Original film is entitled "Tutti per 1 - 1 per tutti"

Sky Original is the brand to which Sky's original productions are entrusted: it is a brand on which the company has enormous expectations, which so far have not disappointed critics or the public. So, after having proposed on the small screen some of the most successful TV series, such as Gomorra, The New Pope, Petra up to the recent Romulus, is now focusing on the production of quality feature films.

The films signed Sky Original will arrive soon for all subscribers to the service. The films will be true flagships and will host the great protagonists of Italian cinema, talented actors known throughout the world. With this operation the platform seems almost to follow a trend that concerns streaming services: Netflix and other companies have also achieved success thanks to the production of successful TV series and films. Now the great Sky Original stories are ready to peep on the pay TV platform. To kick off this important cycle will be an Italian film "Tutti per 1 - 1 per tutti".

Sky Original films arrive: the presentation

Nicola Maccanico, Executive Vice President Programming of Sky Italia, presented the new Sky Original productions: not only intense and captivating TV series, but also films destined to win over audiences and critics alike. These are his words: "Sky Original is now synonymous with high level seriality, content designed for a demanding audience like Sky and characterized by high production standards. The new challenge for us today is to extend this winning model to films as well."

The choice came after the incredible success of original TV series: Gomorra - La Serie, which transposes Roberto Saviano's novel onto the small screen, Petra, the series starring Paola Cortellesi, The New Pope, directed by Paolo Sorrentino, and the recent TV series Romulus, created by Matteo Rovere.  "Sky Original's great stories are the most appreciated by our subscribers, unique content and true pillars of Sky's offer to which the time has come to add great Italian and international cinema."

It starts with an "All for 1 - 1 for all", the sequel to "Musketeers of the King - The Penultimate Mission".

Tutti per 1 - 1 per tutti: the first Sky Original film

The aim of Sky Original is to involve the best Italian film talents and for this reason the first original film has been entrusted to Giovanni Veronesi, one of Italy's most talented and famous directors.

With this operation, Sky wants to become the "home of cinema" with particular attention to Italian cinema.

"Tutti per 1 - 1 per tutti" is the sequel to "Moschettieri del re - Penultima missione", a film that had a huge following on Sky, again directed by Giovanni Veronesi and produced by Vision Distribution and Indiana, with the collaboration of Toscana Film Commission and Toscana Promozione.

Now Sky Original is dealing with the sequel which promises to be a high quality product, thanks to a cast made up of some of the best Italian actors. We find Pierfrancesco Favino, Valerio Mastandrea, Rocco Papaleo and Margherita Buy, but also Giulio Scarpati, Davide Marotta, Massimiliano Varrese and others.