Fortnite: Leaning Pinnacles and Commerce Course soon to be destroyed?

Destroying the two locations of the game will be some fiery debris. What will be the Season 9?

As always Fortnite never ceases to amaze us and, after the cross over with Avengers: Endgame and the last update of the game, here's that something can still happen. What will happen in the title signed Epic Games? We tell us another time the dataminer that,  within the release,  have discovered interesting details about the fate of the Battle Royale.

We have almost reached the conclusion of Season 8 of Fortnite and, although so far there have been no events that have upset the map, something special is going to happen. In the update's codes, dataminers have found some clues that would lead to the total destruction of Pinnacles Leaning and Trade Course. That's right, you read that right!

Destroying the two locations in the game will be some fiery debris. What will trigger the destruction? According to the dataminers it will be the Volcano that will trigger everything: in fact, for a few days it has been giving signals of an imminent eruption. Of course nothing is certain, as always in Fortnite! We will know better something in the coming hours. After all lacks little to Season 9 of Battle Royale, about ten days.

What we will reserve the developers of Epic Games this time?