Fortnite, unveiled the new map of Season 3

Online appeared the new game map of Fortnite that will arrive in the coming weeks: here's how it is made

The Season 3 of Fornite has given a strong shake to the dynamics of the game, although not all players have appreciated the effort made by Epic Games. Among the most obvious changes, there is the game map that has undergone many changes compared to that of the previous season: the water (a central theme in recent weeks) has covered most of the available locations and will slowly shrink to make room for version 2.0 of the new map.

Many are waiting for this change, necessary to revitalize a game that lately seems to be a bit 'too slow. Although we do not know when Epic Games will decide to unveil the new map, we already know how it will be. The credit is VollMitBotox, a dataminer who has discovered among the game files in the update 13.20 an image that shows how the game will change in the coming weeks or months. There's still no firm date on when the release will be made, but it's certain that it will happen before the end of Season 3, scheduled for the next few months.

Fortnite, what will the Season 3 map look like

Defining it a momentous change is a bit too much, but the new Fornite map will definitely serve to liven up the video game a bit. The image posted on Twitter by VollMitBotox and relaunched by FireMonkey shows how the game map will be after all the water that now covers most of the island will be reabsorbed. One of the most important new features is the presence of a new mini-island to the north of Sweaty Sands, while the entire western part of the map, currently covered by water, will emerge and show the new features thought by Epic Games.

Roads will also return to be present, a sign that the arrival of cars on Fortnite is getting closer. As shown in the Season 3 trailer, players will soon be able to use cars to move from one part of the map to another. There will be four models, which will differ in speed, size, durability and fuel range.