How long do you have to wait to buy a new smartphone

Buying a smartphone immediately after its launch is never a good idea: here's how long it's better to wait to find it at a more advantageous price

The average price of a smartphone has grown in the last twelve months by 17%, but Italians continue to love this type of device and to look for them online. This is what emerges from the latest analysis of the price comparator Idealo, which also helps us to understand when is the right time to buy one.

The question that most users ask themselves, in fact, is how long you have to wait to buy a new smartphone at the best price. The answer depends on how long it takes a device to drop in price to acceptable values and this time also depends on the brand of the smartphone, because there are devices that depreciate much earlier than others. With even very large differences between those that depreciate more and those that hold the price better over time. All this, of course, also indirectly affects which smartphones you can buy second-hand within a reasonable time from launch and with favorable prices.

Which smartphones depreciate faster

Among the various brands analyzed in the research, it is clear that Huawei devices quickly lose most of their selling price: almost 50% in twelve months. They are followed by those of Xiaomi, which lose about 30%. Samsung smartphones, in twelve months, lose about 25%. The ones that hold up better, instead, are Apple's iPhones that, in twelve months, lose just 20% of the initial price.

When to buy a new smartphone

Not everyone is willing to wait a year to buy a certain model of smartphone: most users would like it immediately after the launch, but do not buy it because it is too expensive. The research, however, shows that most of the price drop (for all the brands analyzed) occurs indicatively between two and four months after launch. This is, therefore, how long you have to wait to buy a latest generation smartphone at an advantageous price, before it is outclassed by the next generation.

Which smartphones do Italians want

But which are the most coveted smartphone brands by Italians? The research tells us this as well. Apple maintains the top of the approval index, followed by Xiaomi, Samsung and Huawei. Further down in the rankings we also find Oppo and OnePlus, both in very strong growth compared to last year.