LIVALL MT-1, bike helmet with lights, Bluetooth and fitness tracker

Developed thanks to a crowdfunding campaign, LIVALL MT-1 is a helmet that not only allows you to call and listen to music, but is also a walkie-talkie

After being financed with a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo, one of the main crowdfunding platforms, LIVALL MT-1 arrives on the market. It is a very special bicycle helmet: not only does it protect against falls, but it is equipped with some of the latest technologies.

LIVALL MT-1 integrates, in fact, Bluetooth, with which it connects to your smartphone. The helmet also includes speakers and a microphone, which allow you to make calls or listen to your favorite music. And that's not all. Several LED lights are positioned on the helmet, which can be used not only to signal the presence of the cyclist in low light conditions, but also as directional indicators and as alarm signals. LIVALL MT-1, in fact, lights up in case of an accident and sends a message to an emergency contact.

Features LIVALL MT-1

The device is also good from an aerodynamic point of view and the design shields the sun and prevents water from hitting the cyclist's eyes. As seen, the helmet integrates a microphone, which is able to cancel ambient noise. A very interesting feature is the walkie-tolkie, which allows users - for example, members of a group of cyclists - to communicate with each other.

The device can be associated with two accessories: the Nano Cadence and the Blinge Jet Remote Control. The first is a sensor that is placed on the pedals and connects with the smartphone: it allows you to collect a series of parameters during the ride. The second element, on the other hand, integrates with both the cell phone and the helmet. Its function is to allow users to manage the functions of the LIVALL MT-1. Through the Blinge Jet Remote Control, for example, it is possible to activate the directional lights, answer the phone or listen to the music.

Interesting is the application LIVELL APP. The dedicated software, in fact, is not only compatible with the helmet of LIVALL riding, but also works with other wearables: it can measure the heart rate, the route taken, the calories burned and much more.