Netflix movies and TV series soundtracks arrive on Spotify

Netflix movies and TV series "invade" Spotify: with the agreement between the two giants, the viewing of the streaming service's content ideally continues on the music platform

It's an agreement that will surely please subscribers of two of the most used streaming services globally, the first a colossus when it comes to movies and TV series and the second among the top players in the music industry. We're talking about none other than Netflix and Spotify who, with the new collaboration, have chosen to create a joint channel to expand the user experience and make it even more compelling.

The news was given by Spotify with a statement published in its Newsroom, a method used recurrently to promote the platform's news. With Netflix Hub, this is the name chosen, soundtracks, playlists and podcasts, focused on movies and TV series, become available for listening through the audio streaming service within a completely dedicated channel. This choice follows the wave of success of some of Netflix's most popular productions that, over time, have prompted many users to create thematic listening lists to share with their friends and, in general, with the entire Spotify audience.

Netflix on Spotify, lots of content dedicated to movies and TV series

With Netflix Hub, watching movies and TV series does not stop at the canonical "the end". In fact, the collaboration between the two streaming services prolongs the adventure with the listening of the tracks present in the official soundtracks, special content and interviews with the protagonists, as well as the opportunity to make a full immersion through numerous playlists dedicated and created directly by the two platforms.

This happens in a dedicated section, identifiable through the search using the keyword "Netflix". Within it, many special containers to delve into and listen to notes and extras on hit series such as "