Lucifer, sixth and final season of Netflix TV series official

Netflix announces the sixth and final season of the Lucifer TV series. Expected to be released in August 2021

"We couldn't hold out until season 666, Lucifer will be back for the sixth and final season. And it will indeed be the final one." With these words, the official Netflix UK account made a surprise announcement on Twitter about the streaming release of Lucifer 6. It's not a coincidence that the company stressed that the sixth will be the final season, because already since the third there was talk of a conclusion, but it was always postponed.

The series has as its protagonist actor Tom Ellis who plays Lucifer Morningstar, or Lucifer who, tired of reigning in the Underworld, decides to live on Earth, and exactly in Los Angeles where he runs a nightclub, the Lux, along with his collaborator Mazikeen. Here he meets and falls in love with the detective Chloe and helps her solve several cases in the city of Los Angeles. This is the main plot that, episode after episode will see new characters and several twists and turns.

Lucifer: the TV series that never ends

Lucifer risked being cancelled several times. In fact, rumors about the finale had been circulating since the third season, which was marked by some problems related to the cast and production. In fact, it was originally cancelled by Fox. Later, fans insisted that it continue, even launching the social campaign #SaveLucifer.

Netflix decided to buy the distribution rights until the filming and broadcast of the fifth season. So, no one expected a sixth and final season, yet here the video streaming platform made the big announcement on Twitter: there will even be a sixth season, but it will be the last. This time for real.

When will Lucifer 6 be released

The release of the sixth season hasn't been announced yet, but we do know that Lucifer 5 will be released on Netflix on August 21, 2020. Keeping in mind that the wait time between seasons is generally a year, the final season will likely be made available in the summer of 2021. Then there is another unknown, that of filming. In fact, many productions have been stopped by the spread of Covid-19 and this could also have an impact on the future of TV series.

In addition, the anti-county measures could extend the time even further. For now, we just have to wait until the end of August to enjoy the new episodes streaming on Netflix, the platform that every month churns out an updated catalog designed to meet the needs of its audience.

How to watch Lucifer streaming

While waiting for the fifth and sixth seasons, the remaining four are available on Netflix streaming. To see them you need to be a subscriber and use one of the devices compatible with the platform: computer, smartphone, tablet, smart TV or console. To watch Lucifer you need to launch the application, search for the TV series and press on the dedicated banner. A tab will open with all the episodes of the four seasons and you can decide which one to watch again.