Spotify changes library: with new design everything is easier

Finding your favorite music becomes much easier and faster thanks to the new interface of Spotify's library.

Change in look for Spotify's library. With the update coming soon for download, the platform dedicated to streaming music and podcasts makes some tasty changes to the design of the binder dedicated to your favorite content, making it easier to explore and enjoy it.

The update to the "My Library" section has long been among the most requested by the platform's users. In fact, when populated with a lot of content, the section can easily turn out to be rather convoluted and confusing, mainly due to the absence of a well-structured search that can allow browsing through the saved titles without having to scroll through each playlist individually or jump from one criterion to another. With the new introduction, however, the approach changes completely and, already from the first images released by Spotify's presentation video, the interface appears more harmonious and organized than before.

Spotify, how the library changes

The new look of Spotify's library will allow users to navigate through their saved content in a simpler and more focused way, facilitating and speeding up the search for songs, playlists and podcasts previously saved or downloaded to their device, a function available if you have a premium subscription. Through new dynamic filters and the use of keywords, it becomes possible to perform granular searches on artists, albums, playlists or podcasts in a single interface.

The order of display can also be changed as the user chooses, with a list sorted alphabetically, by recently listened to tracks or by the name of the content creator. As for the playlists, however, it will be possible to save the four most listened to at the top of the list, by swiping right on the title and adding a "pin" on them.

Another change is that of the grid view: this is a larger view than in the past, with a visual approach that allows you to locate content at a glance through the cover images of playlists albums and podcasts.

Spotify, when the update arrives

As announced by Spotify through the dedicated blog, the update that will include the changes to the user library will begin the rollout phase early next week. Shortly then, users with mobile devices equipped with Android or iOS operating system will be able to start downloading the update and enjoy the new implementation reserved for them by the platform. An update for the desktop client is not planned, at least for the moment.