How to delete Amazon Prime Video history

Amazon Prime video allows you to delete the movies and TV series you have watched: here's how to do it from your computer and smartphone

As it happens on Netflix and YouTube, also on Amazon Prime Video you can delete from the history of the video streaming platform the movies and TV series you have watched. If you don't want to let your partner find out that you have the latest episode of your favorite TV series without her/him, deleting Amazon Prime Video history is the only possible solution.

The video streaming platform is included in the Amazon Prime subscription and provides users with an (almost) endless library of movies and TV series. They range from original productions like The Man in the High Castle to big international hits like McMafia and Vikings. Even as far as movies are concerned Amazon Prime Video offers very interesting titles such as Beata Ignoranza (with Marco Giallini and Alessandro Gassman in the lead roles) and Eccezzziunale veramente: Chapter, with Diego Abatantuono always in the role of the ultras leader. If you don't want your secret passions to be discovered, here's how to delete Amazon Prime Video history.

How to delete Amazon Prime Video history from your computer

Deleting content viewed on Amazon Prime Video is very simple. The first thing you need to do is to log into the video streaming platform using your Amazon account. At this point you have to press on the man-shaped icon present in the right corner and then click on Accounts and Settings. The service will ask you to enter your account details again and then a new page will open. From the horizontal menu at the top you'll have to click on "Viewing History" and you'll see all the video content you've watched on Amazon Prime Video. Next to the name of each TV series and movie is an X-shaped icon, pressing it will delete the content from your Amazon Prime Video history. All very quick and easy.

How to delete Amazon Prime Video history from smartphone

From the application for smartphones and tablets you cannot delete the history of content viewed on Amazon Prime video, only the history of searches made. If you need to delete traces of what you've watched/searched on the video streaming platform, you first need to launch the app and sign in with your Amazon Prime account. At this point press on the icon with three horizontal lines present at the top left and then on Settings. In the new screen that will open you'll have to press on the item "Clear video search history" to delete all traces of the movie or TV series that you searched for.