How to send links from desktop to smartphone (and vice versa)

Sharing links between desktop and smartphone (and vice versa) is very easy, just use the appropriate sharing buttons and you're done

There are numerous ways to share links between computers and smartphones (and vice versa), however not everyone knows the enormous potential of Google Chrome, which offers numerous options to perform this task very quickly. You can find similar functions on both the Android app and the desktop app, and they're all incredibly intuitive.

We're going to see in detail how to send a link from desktop to other devices (not necessarily Android) via the share button present in the address bar. Likewise, we'll see how to access the same functionality from the app on your smartphone, discovering Chrome's great potential on mobile. In fact, if until now you didn't know the screenshot or long screenshot function from the browser, it's time to learn how it can make your life easier. Not forgetting the sharing feature via QR Code or direct sending to devices logged in with the same Google account.

How to share with Google Chrome (desktop)

If you use Google Chrome as your browser for browsing the Internet from your computer, you should know that there is a share button that allows you to quickly send links to your smartphone. You can find it inside the navigation bar on the right side, right next to the star icon that lets you save pages among your Favorites.

Clicking on the share button, you'll have various possibilities: you can copy the link, use the Send to your devices function, share it with WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, generate a QR code to frame with your smartphone, save the page or directly use the Transmit to nearby devices function (via Chromecast).

The first of these options corresponds exactly to the operation of selecting the web address in combination with the option Copy accessible via right mouse button.

If you select Send to your devices, Google will let you choose one of the devices on which Chrome is installed and to which the same account is connected. You'll just have to select one of the models in the list: in case it's Android, you'll receive a notification that allows you to open the link, in case it's iOS, you'll only be able to access the link by accessing the Google Chrome app.

Alternatively, you can generate the QR code and frame it with the camera of the phone on which you want to access the web page. In case the proprietary app doesn't recognize it, there are plenty of them within the Google Play Store for reading these codes.

How to share with Google Chrome (Android)

Something similar is also present on Android devices, on which you can share and copy the link in the same manner as seen on Desktop and perform a number of other operations. For the actual share button, you have to click on the three dots in the top right corner of Google Chrome, and use Share to take advantage of one of the many options available.

In fact, you can select one of the many messaging apps available and take a screenshot or long screenshot to save an image of the web page and send it.

Once again we find Send to your devices, to share links with devices logged in with the same Google account. In the case of sharing to a desktop version of Chrome, you'll see a notification that allows you to open the web page unless the browser is closed.

As you may have guessed, regardless of whether you're sending a link from desktop to smartphone, or vice versa, Google Chrome provides you with a number of useful ways to do it all very quickly and smoothly.