How to send scheduled messages with WhatsApp

Just download WA Scheduler, an application for Android, which allows you to schedule sending a message on WhatsApp at a set time

In some cases, forgetting to send a message can cost us even a friendship. It has probably happened to you too, at least once in your life, to receive a good scolding. WA Scheduler, an app available on the Play Store, is ready to help the most forgetful WhatsApp users.

WA Scheduler, in fact, with a few simple clicks allows you to schedule sending messages via the most popular instant messaging application. This is especially true for people who have contacts in their circle of friends who are a little "sensitive" to anniversaries: in this way it will be much easier to remember to send a message. And that's not all. The app, in fact, allows you to schedule the sending of videos, images and GIFs. All you have to do, to avoid clashing with friends and relatives, is choose a contact and set a specific time. And the rest will be taken care of by WA Sceduler.

How WA Scheduler works

As we said before, the operation of WA Scheduler is quite simple. First, of course, you need to open the Android store and download the application. Then, after the installation is complete and once the app is open, WA Scheduler will ask us to select one of our WhatsApp contacts to whom we want to send the message, the time of sending and the type of message. At this point, WA Scheduler will create a reminder, with which the application will remind us, at the chosen time, whether to send the message, by pressing "Ok", or to delay forwarding the content, by clicking "Later". If, therefore, you are among those who are often forced to make a series of excuses, sometimes not very credible, to justify the failure to send a message, WA Scheduler could solve part of your problems. And even save a few friendships.