IPhone at risk, a video blocks all Apple smartphones

A message that arrives via email or social network and that invites you to open a video: in a few seconds you will find your iPhone totally blocked

Your iPhones are in danger and this time it's not the usual boutade created to scare Apple users. The EverythingApplePro website has discovered a flaw that compromises the proper functioning and security of all Apple devices: iPhone, iPad and iPod.

The virus and hides within a link that you receive on your email or social networks and that invites the user to open a video on Safari. The movie is very short, lasting just over three seconds, but once you've finished watching it, Apple devices begin to show signs of slowing down and overheating, until the moment when continuing to use it becomes impossible. The guys who discovered the problem still haven't been able to figure out the reasons for the total lockup of the iPhone, but it seems that Apple is already working to solve it.

What to do to get the iPhone back to use

The only positive note is the possibility to solve the problem through a hard-reset of the smartphone or tablet. With the iPhone 7, all you have to do is press the power and volume down buttons at the same time, while with previous versions of the applephone, you'll need to press the home and power buttons. In fact, the malfunction does not affect only the latest version of the Apple smartphone, but all models up to iPhone 5: this suggests that the problem is related to the software and not to the hardware of the iPhone.

The video at the beginning is taken from YouTube

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