IPhone, the hidden functions to make the best use of your smartphone

If you have an iPhone, you probably don't know its full potential: here are some tricks and hidden functions to use it like a pro

Whether you have an iPhone SE, the cheapest of Apple's range, or you bought a second-hand iPhone 11 Pro, there are some tricks you need to know to enhance your device. This way you can get the most out of your iPhone in terms of performance and user experience.

How to do it? By customizing the control center, for example, to always have your brightness and Wi-Fi settings at your fingertips, or your favorite apps. The most important part of an iPhone to preserve is its battery, and there are a couple of tricks to follow if you want to make sure it lasts amazingly long. For those who can't stand notifications, there's the "Do Not Disturb" mode, while if your need is to get perfect photos, you can use apps or buy clip-on lenses. Here are the tricks to make the iPhone experience exceptional, even with an outdated model.

iPhone, how to customize the control center

The control center in Apple smartphones will open simply by sliding the screen up or down, depending on the model you own. Generally, this panel gives you access to settings including brightness, flashlight, timer, or Wi-Fi settings. Not everyone knows that this screen can be customized, inserting shortcuts to access the apps that are used most often. For example, you could add access to your camera, notes, or local memos.

To edit and customize your iPhone's control center, go to "Settings," select "Control Center," then the "customize controls" item. With a simple tap, you can add or remove the controls you think are most functional when kept at your fingertips and rearrange them in the order you want.

iPhone, how to get perfect photos without ultrawide lenses

Even without the ultrawide lenses on iPhone 11 Pro, you can take nearly perfect photos. Apple has always stood out for the quality of its photos since before the arrival of the three-sensor system, and there are numerous accessories that you can use with your old iPhone to get excellent results. For example, buying clip-on lenses, or macro lenses, or even fisheye lenses to attach to your iPhone.

iPhone, how to take care of your battery

Taking care of your iPhone's battery is definitely a good practice, especially for models like the iPhone SE that don't have a very powerful battery like the top of the line. Lithium batteries don't give their best performance if left completely drained and then recharged.

iPhone, how to optimize charging

The advice while waiting for the new iPhone is to optimize the battery during charging to limit its degradation. A special feature was introduced with Apple's iOS 13, which allows you to optimize the battery during charging, so as to increase its life as well. To activate this option, you'll have to go to "Settings", then "Battery" and select "Battery Health". The "Optimize battery charge" item will pop up and tap it and you're done.

How to easily move apps

Have you just switched to iPhone from an Android smartphone and it seems like too much work to place apps on the Home screen? There's a very simple method that won't make you regret switching operating systems. To do this, simply press and hold the app you want to move to another screen, swipe with another finger to the chosen page, and tap in the area where you want to place it. If you need to move a group of apps, the procedure is similar. You'll need to press and hold the app you want to move, then use another finger to select all the apps in the group. Again, with the other finger, swipe to the screen where you want to place them and tap to insert them.

iPhone, searching for words or phrases in Safari

Searching for a word or phrase is something we're used to on MacBooks and PCs, but how do you do it on your smartphone? Apple has answered that by including the text search feature on iPhone as well through the Safari browser. Just open the app, tap the address bar and type the word or phrase you want to search for. Then scroll down and you'll find the "On this page" entry. Tap it and Safari will take you back to the web page you were browsing on with the word you searched for highlighted, just like on your computer.

iPhone, how to change text responses to calls

If Apple hasn't yet found a way to rid the interface of the incoming call alert, it has at least improved the automatic text responses that pop up when you receive it. By going to "Settings" and then "Phone," select "Answer with Text," then tap the answer you want to change and choose a new, more suitable text. For example, if you're a student, you could change "I'm in a meeting" to "I'm studying" or "I'm taking an exam."

How to block spam calls

Another and very useful feature introduced with the update to iOS 13 is spam call blocking. This iPhone feature allows you to determine if the number that is calling you is in your address book, in your mail or among your messages, otherwise it will be directly blocked and you won't be annoyed. Call blocking can be set at "Settings", then "Phone" and finally select "Silent unknown calls".

iPhone, do not disturb mode

Notifications received at inopportune times are an unwritten rule of any smartphone, but Apple specifically offers "Do not disturb" mode on its iPhones. If, for example, you're busy in a business meeting, or you're just sleeping, you can turn off any incoming notifications and rest easy. To do so, go to "Settings", tap "Do not disturb" and then enable the option, which can be turned off at will by going the same route. Or, if you want to sleep soundly, you can program the "Do not disturb" option to be active only at a certain time of the day.