Lead generation: what is it and what is it for

One of the most important digital marketing techniques, lead generation allows you to start the so-called conversion funnel

Digital marketing has become increasingly important for any professional and company that wants to expand its "reach". Regardless of the sector in which you are active, in fact, the acquisition of new customers (and potential ones) passes more and more often through the channels offered by the web.

Web site; landing pages; posts on Instagram and other social networks; advertising on Google and Facebook; SMS campaigns managed through web platforms. These are just some of the many "points of contact" that the web offers and that you can exploit to find new customers interested in your products or services. In order for this to be possible, however, it is necessary that all these resources are "put into system", within a broader communication strategy. This strategy is based on what is called lead generation, i.e. marketing actions aimed at attracting the attention of potential customers and at starting a loyalty process.

Of course, it is not an immediate path and it requires the involvement of different professionals and the use of specific tools that help to automate some of the most "repetitive" operations. Tools like Italiaonline's Business Contacts, for example, allow you to find out who visits your website and get their contacts.

What does lead generation mean

In marketing, a lead is a potential customer interested in what we sell or in the services we offer. The lead generation, therefore, is the set of all those marketing techniques that allow to acquire the contacts of those users who visit our website or our social profile.

What is the purpose of the lead generation

The lead generation is the first, and probably most important, step of the conversion funnel strategy or funnel marketing. It is a process that, starting from the creation of multimedia content (textual, video, graphic or photographic), leads to the "transformation" of a user into a customer. In order to achieve this, however, it is essential to obtain the contacts of the visitors, so as to be able to start a process of approaching and retaining users.

Lead generation serves precisely to start this process: after having attracted users on the site or social profile, thanks to strategies (and tools) of lead creation it will be possible to acquire their contact details - like on the Facebook page or Instagram profile, e-mail address, phone number and more - and then "push" further down the funnel and succeed in converting.

As mentioned above, in this process it is more than recommended to use tools that facilitate the task of collecting contacts and organizing them. With Italiaonline's Business Contacts and Organization, for example, it will be possible to find out who is visiting the company and personal website, to obtain the contact information in a simple and automatic way and, subsequently, to organize the data in lists of customers and possible customers, so that you can start marketing campaigns via email or SMS.