Trouble with insomnia? Monitor your sleep quality with wearables

Fitness trackers and wearables are integrating increasingly sophisticated systems to monitor the quality of sleep of users and provide useful advice on how to sleep

From being simple wristbands that allowed users to keep track of their athletic performance, fitness trackers have turned into increasingly complete wearables that have added to the normal functions also the monitoring of vital functions (heartbeat) and sleep.

This last function in particular is playing an increasingly important role: companies are not just producing a wearable that offers some sporadic information about the hours of sleep, but they are investing time and money to create increasingly refined monitoring systems that give useful advice on how to improve the time of rest. Scientists have shown that a healthy, balanced diet and physical activity improve sleep quality, but that's not always possible, especially with young children in the home. That's why wearables are becoming more and more essential in our lives.

Fitness trackers, but not only

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In addition to fitness trackers, there are also stand-alone devices on the market that, placed on the bedside table in the bedroom, allow you to monitor the hours of sleep through special sensors that can analyze the quality of rest. For example, Sense is a sleep tracker that studies the movements of the person in bed and is able to understand if the night hours were more or less troubled. Moreover, thanks to voice control it will be possible to interact directly with the device. Sense, however, is not the only sleep tracker on the market: to discover all the wearables that allow you to improve the quality of sleep just browse the photo gallery.

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