Safe driving, the car that stops when you sleep thanks to smart sensors

Presented at the Consumer Electronics Show, the smart system is able to measure in real time the electrical activity of the brain

Technology comes to the rescue of motorists and develops a system that could save many lives in the future. At CES 2017 in Las Vegas, in fact, it was shown the operation of some sensors capable of determining the level of attention of a driver.

The system on which two companies are working, Freer Logic and Changhong Research Labs, makes use of electroencephalography (EEG), that is, the technique that allows to measure the electrical activity of our brain. The sensors are placed inside the headrests of cars and their task is to monitor in real time if the person behind the wheel is distracted. According to what was demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show, the technology of the two companies is able to measure the electrical activity of the brain even without direct contact between the driver's head and the headrest.

The smart headrests

The system, as mentioned, is based on smart headrests that use electroencephalography to "understand" the condition of the driver. In practice, the sensors are able to determine if there has been a drop in concentration in the brain activity of a driver, as often happens in case of sleep or when we are distracted to use the smartphone while driving.

Thanks to this technology, fatal accidents resulting from a stroke of sleep one day may be avoided. In fact, the two companies are also aiming to find a solution that turns sensor measurements into warning signals for drivers.

In an experimental phase

At the moment, the technique devised by Freer Logic and Changhong is still in an experimental phase. In fact, there are two companies, one in the U.S. and one in the U.K., that are road-testing the EEG safety system. Once the technology is perfected, it will then be necessary, as mentioned, to find a way to alert the motorist. According to what the creators of the "non-contact neuro bio monitor headrest" say, drivers will be able to be awakened by some vibration either from the engine or from the seat.