Xiaomi 12 focuses on the cameras: three high-level sensors

XXiaomi 12 is still far away but is already the focus of a lot of rumors: after CPU and screen now it's the turn of the three rear cameras.

The rumors about the next top of the range of Xiaomi are starting to mount, and it is almost certain to be called Xiaoimi 12 and not Xiaomi Mi 12. This device will take up the legacy of Xiaomi Mi 11, the first flagship device to integrate the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor and best seller among high-end phones. But also a technological reference point, if we take into account the version Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra.

Xiaomi knows that there are three features that turn a good phone into a top of the range reference, the model to chase: a great processor, a great screen and a great photo compartment. As for the processor, it's a given that the Xiaomi 12 will use Qualcomm's next little gem (whether it will be called Snapdragon 989 or 895 is still unknown). As for the screen we expect LTPO technology (at least for the Ultra), which allows a 120 Hz refresh rate without too much impact on the battery. As for the cameras, however, until now it was assumed a main sensor from even 200 MP. But a new leak now calls into question this hypothesis.

Xiaomi 12: how will the cameras

The latest rumor comes from the Chinese leaker Digital Chat Station, very active on Weibo. According to the leaker, the upcoming Xiaomi 12 will feature three 50 MP rear sensors. The indiscretion does not tell us, however, whether these are three identical sensors (there is discussion on the net about the possibility of using Sony IMX 766 sensors), or different sensors between them.

In the same way, nothing is known about the lenses that will be used, the aperture of the individual sensors nor the type: zoom, wide angle, ultra wide angle. The indiscretion, among other things clashes with a previous leak according to which Xiaomi 12 will have a 200 MP main sensor (which should be a Samsung ISOCELL), accompanied by two sensors from the lower resolution.

In fact, the two hypotheses could coexist if only the Xiaomi 12 Ultra is launched with 200 MP sensor (+50+50 MP), while the rest of the range with a 50 MP triplet. Same doubt for the zoom: some leakers are talking about an optical 10X, others about a more likely 5X, and still others about the 10X only on the Ultra.

Whatever the truth behind these rumors, though, one thing is certain: the Xiaomi 12 will have a photo compartment that at worst will be very good indeed, at best will be a benchmark to beat.

Xiaomi 12: the other features

The other technical features of Xiaomi 12 have not been officially confirmed yet either, although the SD 898 (or 895) SoC can be taken for granted. Almost certain is the 120 Hz LTPO screen, but the non-Ultra versions might not have LTPO technology while maintaining the high refresh rate.

Interesting will also be the charging system: there's talk of a stratospheric 200 Watts of power (Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra stops at 67 Watts, Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra went up to 120 Watts). The apparently strange thing is the hypothesis of wireless charging up to 120 Watts of power assumed for Xiaomi 12: it seems unlikely because in China, since a few weeks, for safety issues is prohibited to sell devices with wireless charging from over 50 Watts of power.