Huawei announces a new high-end smart TV: how it will look like

Huawei announces on Weibo the arrival of a new smart TV: mini LED technology and Harmony OS are the key features.

Fans of the Huawei brand are eagerly awaiting July 29: it's the day when, finally, the Chinese giant will show the world its new top-of-the-line smartphone Huawei P50. But not only that, as the company has announced via the Chinese social network Weibo that it will also present other products, including a very interesting high-end smart TV: the Huawei Smart Screen V75 Super.

Two will be the distinguishing features of this smart TV: the adoption of mini LED technology and the HarmonyOS 2.0 operating system. Both features were predictable: mini LEDs are the novelty of 2021 and more and more manufacturers are presenting new models based on this promising technology, while HarmonyOS is a forced choice for Huawei, given the well-known American ban that prevents it from using the Android TV operating system. According to some rumors circulating always on Weibo, finally, the smart TV models could be two and not one: the second would be Huawei Smart Screen V98 Super, but Huawei has not officially announced it yet.

Huawei Smart Screen V75 Super: the features

The information released by Huawei through its Weibo channel about the new 75-inch smart TV are very few, but significant. We know for sure that Huawei Smart Screen V75 Super will be built with a panel of as many as 46,080 mini LEDs (which Huawei calls with the trade name of "SuperMiniLED").

This is a very high value, which should ensure extreme definition even at 4K resolution and a high modularity in lighting, since the mini LEDs can be turned off to create black and the more mini LEDs there are, the more you can create a contrast between black and white or color without generating halos. Data such as maximum brightness or contrast ratio, however, have not yet been released.

Interesting will also be the audio compartment, made by French company Devialet, which specializes in high-quality home cinema products. The announcement poster of Huawei Smart Screen V75 Super speaks of an unspecified Devialet sound "at 20 units", but we will then have to see if by this definition you Huawei means the presence of 20 speakers (unlikely) or 20 points of sound diffusion (more likely).

Huawei Smart Screen V75 Super: HarmonyOS 2.0

HarmonyOS on smart TVs is not new, but it will be very interesting to see it at work on a top of the range television, which will certainly have a very powerful processor, lots of RAM and a large storage space. That is, the ideal technical features to run any operating system.

On the Huawei Smart Screen V75 Super, therefore, we will be able to see the best implementation of HarmonyOS to date and, consequently, we will be able to understand the real potential of this OS alternative to Google's Android TV.