Unpaid invoices: how Libero SiFattura can help you

With Italiaonline's administrative-management platform, you'll always be able to know which of our customers have paid and which haven't, and send a reminder

We don't know how comforting this can be, but know that you're by no means the only one. If that of unpaid invoices and late payments is a problem that plagues your company, know that you're in good company. As Cribis data updated to the second quarter of 2019 and the fourth quarter of 2018 show, invoices paid late are more than 70% of the total among individuals, while in the public sector the percentage rises to almost 80%. Similar discourse for late payments: on average, you have to wait 89 days before an invoice is paid (they rise to 116 in the construction sector, almost four months). This is a significant economic and management problem: unpaid invoices not only result in a shortfall in cash flow, but also oblige the professional or company to waste time trying to recover credit.

A solution to unpaid invoices and late payments is to use management platforms such as Libero SiFattura. Developed for sending and receiving electronic invoices, the Italiaonline platform provides functions and tools that allow you to manage your cash flow, keep an eye on the economic situation of your business and receive alerts for overdue invoices and unpaid accounts.

Unpaid invoices and late payments: Libero SiFattura helps you

As mentioned, Libero SiFattura was created to manage electronic invoicing for your business. The Basic version, which is completely free, allows you to receive electronic invoices and have the basic functions of the management software available (including the schedule and management of unlimited invoices and receipts) and is ideal for freelancers under the flat-rate regime; with the Lite version, at a cost of 29 euros plus VAT for the first year, you can send as many invoices as you want and access advanced reporting tools; the Pro version, at 49 euros plus VAT for the first year, provides all the features typical of a management-administrative platform, including the ability to send automatic reminders to their debtors.

With Libero SiFattura Basic and Lite, you'll be able to keep track of your payment status by entering the invoices you've issued and knowing when they should be paid. Libero SiFattura Pro, as mentioned, offers advanced management tools, which allow you to automate many of the operations that other plans offer as manual.

Among these, also the automatic sending of payment reminders at our discretion. Once you've sent an invoice to one of our customers with Libero SiFattura Pro, it will be added to our master data, along with payment details. From here you can choose to set a reminder once the invoice is overdue and choose after how many days to send the automatic reminder to the debtor. From the interface you can set both the day and the time of sending the message, so you can be sure that the recipient will receive and read it.