YI Erida, the foldable and ultra-fast carbon fiber drone

The aircraft mounts a 4K camera that combined with an advanced gimbal system ensures very stable footage. Thanks to the lightweight structure it reaches 120 Km/h

The CES 2017 in Las Vegas will be a great stage for many companies to also present the latest in the drone industry. As in the case of YI Technology, which has just announced that it will be at the international event dedicated to consumer electronics to launch the first carbon fiber drone.

Yi Erida, this is the name that the company has given to the aircraft, is equipped with some interesting features that make this drone a unique piece of its kind. Starting with the fact that the device, unlike most drones, is a tricopter. Then according to what Yi Technology reports, Yi Erida would also be the fastest three-propeller drone currently in circulation. And this is mainly thanks to the material of which the medium is composed. The carbon fiber, which in addition to being resistant is also very light, would allow YI Erida to reach 120 kilometers per hour. A very high and rare speed for a drone of this type.

Features of Yi Erida

The company specializing in action cameras is ready, therefore, to amaze everyone next January at CES in Las Vegas with a drone that promises to be surprising even as regards the video sector. Yi Erida, in fact, is able to record high-resolution images thanks to the 4K camera with internal storage capable of storing up to 120 minutes of footage. And the balanced gimbal ensures stable and clear footage. The camera can be manually activated through the touchscreen and provides numerous functions including white balance, exposure and more.

Yi Erida, foldable and safe drone

Yi Erida, according to some tests, has a battery life of no more than 40 minutes of flight time. The device is easily transportable, thanks to the three foldable propellers. But that's not all. The drone is also safety conscious. In fact, Yi Erida has a laser scanner and an advanced sensor and radar system. Like most drones, Yi Erida can be controlled via the app that YI Technology makes available to prospective customers. How much will it cost? We'll have to wait until at least CES in Las Vegas to find out.