7 ways to use Siri that no one has ever explained to you

Siri hides a series of "secret" functions that only a few people know about: it can perform complex mathematical calculations and find a photo from the gallery

Undoubtedly Siri was the first real intelligent virtual assistant for smartphones. It's not just a computerized voice with a metallic tone, Siri is a helper with personality, able to converse with users even wittily.

Over the years, especially since the field of voice assistants has been taken by storm by other smartphone manufacturers, Siri has improved even more. It can be used in a variety of situations.

You can turn to the virtual helper to make a call or to read or send a message. All you have to do is say "Hey Siri" and Apple's digital assistant comes into action. And that's not all. Use your voice to get the weather, traffic conditions, an address, and even turn your smart lights on or off.

Siri is much more than that, however, and hides a number of "secret" functions that only a few people know about. Find out what we can ask Siri for.

Find Photos and Videos

Usually the easiest way to search for a photo is to unlock your iPhone and access the gallery. In fact, you can locate one or more images with speed using Siri. In fact, the voice assistant can access the photos and videos saved on Apple's smartphone. Siri uses several parameters to track photos: time, place and people. Let's take an example. Let's say we want to look up all the shots we took at the beach last year. It's enough to ask Siri in this way: "Hey Siri, find my photos from August 2016".

Don't disturb

In some moments of the day we need not to be disturbed by anyone. In these cases, all it takes is a simple message arriving on the cell phone to send us into a rage. As Apple users know, the iPhone includes a feature that allows you to activate the silent mode. The option can also be enabled via voice, by telling Siri to "Do not disturb". That's it.

Shopping list

Like Android, you can also add and save a reminder on iOS. For example, let's assume that after making the shopping list, we remember that we didn't put in milk. Instead of opening "Reminder", and manually adding the product in the app, we could use Siri. Once the assistant is activated, you need to utter a few words, "Hey Siri, add milk to the shopping list." And that's it.

Math Calculations

If you have any problem with numbers, Siri could help you. The virtual assistant of the company founded by Steve Jobs, in fact, is a mathematical genius. Siri uses Wolfram|Alpha, a "computational engine of knowledge", to answer even the most complex questions: "Siri what is the square root of 100?"

Remaining up to date

As mentioned, Siri can take care of us, helping us to perform various tasks. We can also use it to stay updated. In fact, the virtual assistant can tell us the latest news, weather forecasts, appointments, or give us information on social networks. Just ask and Siri will answer.

Ask for information of various kinds

Often between friends and partners it's easy to get hung up on who's right about any topic. The usual practice is to grab your smartphone and immediately check the internet. Or, you can even ask Siri directly, "When was the first iPhone launched?" or - continuing with another example - "Who wrote Treasure Island?"

Sense of humor

If you're down in the dumps or bored, you can talk to Siri. As is well known, Apple's virtual assistant has a great sense of humor. Try asking her, "Hey Siri, tell me a story" or "...a joke." Or you could also ask her, "How are you?", "Do you have a dog?", "What are you doing?" or "Why did the chicken cross the road?". The answers will amaze you. More importantly, they will also make you laugh a little.