An Italian startup wants to revolutionize the use of electric cars


The goal of Alpha Mobility is to bring a charging station to every business. The turning point for electric cars could come from an Italian startup.

If a substantial shift to electric cars has not yet taken place, it is also due to a series of barriers to entry: one of these concerns charging stations, practically the equivalent of petrol stations in the case of vehicles with an internal combustion engine.

Finding a service station can sometimes be complicated, but nothing to do with looking for a battery charging station. For Alpha Mobility, an Italian startup that aims to revolutionize the field of sustainable mobility, it is a vicious circle: the spread of green cars is slowed down by the lack of charging stations, while there are no charging stations because, first of all, there are no cars.

The question that arises at this point is: how do we get out of it?

Alpha Mobility's idea for a widespread diffusion of electric cars and charging stations

Alpha Mobility has thought of sharing the costs of a charging station between the innovative startup and the dealer who decides to offer the electric charging service to its customers. By assuming responsibility, that is, by getting involved in the first person, Alpha Mobility tries to oil the mechanism, set the wheels in motion and make them turn in the opposite direction, transforming the vicious circle described above into a virtuous one.

The offer is called Green Blue and provides two types of columns. The first are suitable for home use: just press a button to trigger battery charging. The second type, which can be supplied to restaurants, shopping malls, parking lots, etc. are intended for commercial use and are equipped with dedicated internal software that allows you to control the columns remotely and account for consumption. The stations can be connected to the internet via Ethernet, 4G or Wi-Fi and can work with RFID cards (special contactless cards), which allow you to easily switch between the different phases of starting and stopping the recharge. The range includes a total of five models, of variable power and customizable.

A widespread diffusion of recharging stations would also allow you to "top up" the battery of your vehicle. Il concetto è molto simile a quanto già succede con lo smartphone e, d’altra parte, quelle del telefonino sono pur sempre batterie: tutti noi ricarichiamo il nostro dispositivo ovunque ce ne sia la possibilità, in modo da evitare che si spenga nel momento meno opportuno. Lo stesso vale per le macchine elettriche: ricaricarle al ristorante, al bar, al parcheggio o al centro commerciale consente di viaggiare sicuri e al limite di fare a meno della strada necessaria a raggiungere la pompa di benzina più vicina.


Alpha Mobility

Not only the installation: the Green Blue offer also includes the management of services

In order to make the adoption and use of the columns even easier, Alpha Mobility has thought of directly supporting its customers in a whole series of formalities that can certainly be complex or tedious and therefore discourage those potentially interested in the Green Blue service. Yes, because a recharging station must be updated periodically, inserted in the maps so that electric car owners know where to go. And then there are the issues concerning customer privacy, billing requirements, visibility of the service offered.

All this, and the more general management of charging stations, their maintenance and payment management (which can be made not only by credit card and PayPal payment system, but also in bitcoin) will be handled by Alpha Mobility. Merchants need only join the Green Blue program. And motorists recharge directly at their favorite bars or restaurants.