Which electric bike to buy: comparing models

Buying guide to the best pedal assisted bikes to buy right now. Description, features and price

Electric bike, pedal assisted bike and e-bike. Words that are increasingly used in everyday life and that have become familiar: these means for personal micro-mobility are increasingly present in our cities and with the explosion of the pandemic, the need to find alternatives to public transport and the mobility bonus, the purchase of these means (including scooters) has undergone a surge.

How do you choose a good electric bike? What are the parameters to consider? What are the differences with a muscle bike? And above all, which pedal-assisted electric bike should you buy? In this buying guide we will try to answer all these questions by suggesting some of the best models available on the market right now.

In order to choose the right electric bike to buy, first of all you have to understand the use you want to make of it: if you use it only to go to work, a simple e-bike without too many accessories is enough; if, on the contrary, you want to use it for off-road, you have to opt for an electric mountain-bike.

Logically, a big difference is also made by the available budget: the more money you have, the better the e-bike will be. Be careful though, thanks to the mobility bonus provided by the government, you can get a 60% discount and for up to 500 euros on the purchase of bicycles, scooters and e-bikes. If you haven't already, find out how to get the Mobility Bonus.

How to choose the electric bike to buy

Before seeing the best e-bike models on the market according to price range, you also need to understand what rules to follow when buying your own pedal-assisted bicycle. What are the basic features it must have?

The first thing to check is definitely the quality of the frame, just as if it were a regular bike. If the frame does not ensure a very good stability you risk falling and getting very hurt.

Also important is the weight of the electric bicycle. Since there is a motor and a battery, e-bikes weigh much more than regular bikes. Weight that negatively affects the road holding and the effort you have to put in to get going. The advice is to buy an electric bike that is relatively light: the effort will be less.

Do not get hung up on features that appear to be important, but in reality are not: the battery and the motor. Many people prefer to buy pedal assisted electric bikes with a more powerful motor, spending hundreds of euros more than a less powerful e-bike. Money that in many cases is wasted: the motor of e-bikes, in fact, works up to 25 kilometers per hour, the limit imposed by law for velocipedes.

The same goes for the battery: the autonomy declared by the manufacturers is often wrong because it does not take into account many external factors that affect the duration, such as the route and the road surface.

You have to pay much more attention to where the motor is placed in an electric bike with pedal assistance. There can be three positions: front, back and center. Depending on where it is positioned, the distribution of weight in the bike changes and also the stability on the road.

Nilox Ebike J5, among the best-selling

Nilox is a company specialized in the production of means for personal mobility (electric bicycles, scooters and more). The Nilox Ebike J5 pedal-assisted electric bike is one of the best models for those with a budget that does not exceed 1000 euros. It is not very light (25 kilograms), but it has a very stable structure that allows you to ride it easily in traffic. The gearbox has seven ratios, while the possible speeds to be set on the handlebars are three. The battery ensures an autonomy of up to 55 kilometers, making it suitable even for day cycling. Check out the other details and buy it on Amazon, price less than 800 euros: it is eligible for Bonus Mobility - Phase 2.

i-Bike Fold Flip, the folding electric bike

This folding bike is ideal for city commuting: it has 20" wheels and a steel frame with a compact design, and although it is not exactly lightweight (22kg) it has a small footprint once folded. The pedal assist with 3 levels allows you to overcome slopes up to 10%. The 216wh battery, removable with safety lock, is fully recharged in 6 hours and provides up to 20 km of autonomy. This bike has a maximum capacity of 100kg. You can discover all the features and buy it on Amazon: is eligible for Bonus Mobility - Phase 2.

Argento Bike Omega, the ultimate in comfort

Eighty kilometers of autonomy for the Argento Bike Omega, an e-bike that mounts a 7-speed Shimano gearbox and allows you to control all features via the on-board computer. For assisted pedaling it is possible to choose between three different modes, each with a different delivery of engine power. The brakes are disc brakes. The bike is available on Amazon.

NCM Milano MAX N8R, ideal for trekking

This NCM Milano electric bike allows you to travel autonomously up to 100 kilometers. The frame and fork, made of aluminum, keep the weight down and ensure greater durability. Tutti gli elementi di comando importanti sono facilmente accessibili da un ampio schermo LCD che permette di gestire al meglio la potenza e l’autonomia della batteria; lo schermo è collocato sul manubrio, comodamente regolabile secondo la propria altezza. I fari anteriori e posteriori di Spanninga offrono sicurezza anche durante la guida in condizioni di scarsa illuminazione. Il cambio è Shimano Nexus a 8 velocità e la pedalata assistita ha 5 diversi livelli di assistenza. Scopri tutti i dettagli e acquista la bici su Amazon.

The one, la Bici Elettrica Pieghevole low budget

Chi ha bisogno di una bici a pedalata assistita pieghevole e comoda da trasportare ovunque può puntare su questa e-bike dal prezzo accessibile, nella top ten delle bici elettriche vendute da Amazon. Disponibile in tre colorazioni, ha telaio in alluminio e dispone di 6 velocità. Scopri di più su questo prodotto direttamente su Amazon.

Bonus mobilità su Amazon

Se riuscito ad ottenere il Bonus Mobilità ma sei ancora indeciso su come spenderlo? Scopri come spenderlo su Amazon: qui troverai tante idee e i prodotti più venduti della categoria, per farti ispirare nella scelta di biciclette elettriche ma anche monopattini e, se non sei sportivo, biciclette classiche.

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