Artigiani: gli strumenti online per trovare nuovi clienti

Anche gli artigiani specializzati hanno bisogno di una solida presenza online per trovare nuovi clienti: ecco gli strumenti più adatti nell’era del passaparola digitale


Veronica Nicosia Giornalista scientifico

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Un bravo artigiano prima dell’era di Internet poteva contare su due principali strategie per trovare nuovi clienti: il passaparola e la presenza sull’elenco telefonico. Now that life has moved online, word of mouth has also gone digital and there are several tools that a craftsman can use to grow his business.

Online presence has become essential then not only for companies, but also for craftsmen and professionals, who can rely on the web network to expand their clientele. Among the strategies that a professional can implement, there is certainly that of opening social profiles, such as Facebook, Google MyBusiness or Instagram, where to post their work, give information on opening hours, contacts and location, and especially where to collect customer reviews, which are the main business card of their work. There are also other types of services to which a craftsman can subscribe to make himself known: websites that allow you to create a profile and an area of intervention, where the potential customer can request quotes online, such as the service offered by PgCasa.

Artigiani: l'importanza di social e sito web

To expand the clientele even craftsmen nowadays need a solid online presence. You can opt for a strategy based mainly on the presence on social networks, choosing the most suitable to achieve the purpose. For example, an artisan who works with ceramics, creates custom-made clothes or a photographer can focus on social networks such as Instagram and Facebook, where they can post photos as if they were a digital showcase. For artisans who offer services, from carpenters and plumbers to remodelers and mechanics, a well-updated page with hours and Google MyBusiness address will be more suitable.

Investing in a DIY website, however, may not always be a good answer. To be a good showcase that can attract potential customers, a website must have certain features: be responsive, so it can be navigated from both desktop and mobile with ease, and be SEO-optimized to appear among the top search results. If you want to create a website that gives a good result, it will be necessary to be an expert in the field or to rely on services that offer responsive and optimized websites built on the needs of the craftsman and on his future marketing strategy to expand his business.

Craftsmen: from the phone book to the digital directories

While once the easiest place to find the address and contact details of a craftsman was the phone book, today there are many services that offer a digital version. The craftsman can then sign up to many online services and pay a subscription to see his or her card published, where he or she can include all of the services offered and the products he or she sells.

Potential customers will also no longer have to call to find out about quotes: this type of service allows you to receive requests for quotes from customers, so you can decide which ones to take on and provide quotes directly online. For example, a craftsman will be able to subscribe to Italiaonline's PgCasa quote service, with a dedicated tab on PgCasa, Pagine Gialle and Virgilio and the possibility to receive requests and send personalized quotes, thus expanding his customer base.