Google Home doesn’t work: free replacement arrives

Google has found a solution for all users who found themselves with the Google Home broken by the update: it will be replaced for free Google has rushed to the remedy. A few days ago we told you about the firmware update that knocked out some Google Home and Google Home Mini making them unusable. … Read more

How to find out Netflix data consumption

The only way, to avoid consuming internet traffic quickly with Netflix, is to change the streaming settings, Here’s how to do it After watching a couple of episodes of Netflix TV series from your smartphone or tablet, you find that you are left with no data traffic available. This is absolutely normal. In fact, video streaming … Read more

Minors on Instagram: what’s about to change

Instagram towards the introduction of three macro-modifications to make the experience of minors on the social safer and more enjoyable: here are which ones. Instagram announces that it wants to protect to a greater extent the minors who use the platform. The social controlled by the Facebook group gives news of it through a statement … Read more