Facebook gets “Clear History”: here’s how to clear your history

A new feature that will allow you to clear your entire Facebook history is coming. It will be called Clean History. Here’s how it will work The Cambridge Analytica scandal, which has involved Facebook in recent months, has forced the company to take cover and make decisions to protect user privacy. The platform has introduced … Read more

TIM non funziona oggi, cosa sta succedendo

Dalle 12:30 in poi centinaia di utenti hanno iniziato a segnalare malfunzionamenti alla linea Internet di casa. Ecco cosa si sa di TIM down il 18 febbraio La Nota di TIM “TIM informa che il servizio di connessione Internet è completamente funzionante e precisa che, contrariamente a quanto riportato, i temporanei malfunzionamenti hanno riguardato – per … Read more

Google Scholar: features and how it works

Google Scholar is a special free search engine that allows you to locate academic sources online using keywords. Find out how it works. Google Scholar is a freely accessible search engine that allows you to find texts from academic literature using keywords. It is a service designed specifically for the world of education, for researchers … Read more

Speed up Chrome for Android with 4 simple tricks

By practicing a series of small actions you can make the Chrome for Android version even more practical and efficient. Here’s how to do it Chrome, the famous Google browser, is undoubtedly one of the main “windows” used by users to browse the Internet via computer. On mobile devices, Chrome is also widely used, especially … Read more