Huawei, comes the block also for the purchase of Intel processors

After Google, also Intel, Qualcomm and Broadcom suspend their business relations with Huawei. Here’s what will happen in the coming months The consequences of the ban of Hauwei by the U.S. government were not long in coming. After Google’s decision to suspend the collaboration with the Chinese company and deprive the next Huawei smartphones of … Read more

IPhone 13, 5G won’t work everywhere to save costs

IPhone 12 and iPhone 13 may have problems with 5G network support. Apple is deciding which antennas to use New rumors, new confusion over 5G support by future iPhone 12s and even iPhone 13s. For some time now, the compatibility, full or limited, of Apple 2020 smartphones has been the focus of various rumors and … Read more

How to improve the security of your Android smartphone with Tor

The well-known anonymous communication system has created a prototype for Nexus and Google Pixel that can thoroughly safeguard users’ privacy and sensitive data The future of smartphones is at a crossroads. On the one hand, technological developments lead to continuous innovations. On the other hand, our every gesture leaves a trace on the Net and … Read more

How to clean up your PC desktop once and for all

To get rid of folders and shortcuts on your desktop you can use take advantage of the start menu, the taskbar or Cortana The clutter on your computer’s desktop is much more harmful than you might think. Tidying up your desk is a good way to work at your best, but you can’t be efficient … Read more