The Walking Dead 11: what to expect from the final season

The beloved zombie drama reaches its final season: when will we see The Walking Dead 11 and what to expect Veronica Nicosia Science Journalist Graduated in astrophysics, science journalist and SEO content editor, she writes about technology for online and print magazines. In 2020 she joined Libero Tecnologia The Walking Dead is now in its … Read more

The scam runs on WhatsApp and email, beware of the Ikea discount voucher

Ikea warns its customers that the message running online and on WhatsApp about a hypothetical discount voucher is actually a scam Today is the turn of Ikea. Every day on WhatsApp and email we receive dozens of messages inviting you to buy “magic” products or to press on links to get WhatsApp free forever. Logically, … Read more

Using your voice as a password, how it works

Vocal biometrics promises to be the next frontier of cybersecurity applied to mobile devices. Here’s how it works In recent months, the field of biometrics has seen some very interesting developments that are destined to change the field of cybersecurity applied to mobile devices. Take, for example, the case of the Galaxy Note 8, which … Read more