Google Maps available on the Apple Watch and compatible with CarPlay

Google Maps finally arrives on the Apple Watch and is also updated for CarPlay. Here’s all the news for users After more than three years of absence, Google Maps is back on the Apple Watch and, for the first time, it’s also 100% integrated on the Apple CarPlay platform. Google had abandoned the Apple Watch … Read more

Apple iPhone: which model will disappear in 2022 and why

Significant changes ahead in the 2022 iPhone lineup: away the mini variant due to unsatisfactory sales iPhone 12 mini for iPhone SE 2022 A cheap iPhone with support for 5G networks would be coming in the first half of 2022, but it is not the only “bomb” launched in recent hours by the Japanese newspaper … Read more

Generation 56K: all about the Italian series of the summer

The TV series arrives on Netflix on July 1. It will tell the story of the Millennial generation in a funny and nostalgic way. Here are all the details. Generation 56K, the Italian TV series that tells the Millennial generation in a funny and nostalgic way, arrives on Netflix on July 1, 2021. Realized in … Read more

In the new Peugeot 308 beats a smartphone heart

The new French mid-size sedan adopts Qualcomm’s latest platform dedicated to the automotive world: the smartphone user experience enters the car The world of cars and the world of tech are now one and the same thing: the modern infotainment systems we find on more and more latest-generation cars never lack Internet connection, large screens … Read more