Generation 56K: all about the Italian series of the summer

The TV series arrives on Netflix on July 1. It will tell the story of the Millennial generation in a funny and nostalgic way. Here are all the details.

Generation 56K, the Italian TV series that tells the Millennial generation in a funny and nostalgic way, arrives on Netflix on July 1, 2021. Realized in collaboration with the Ciaopeople group of The Jackal and produced by Cattleya, it is preparing to entertain the audience during the summer months.

The show celebrates a precise historical moment: the one related to the diffusion of the first personal computers among young people born in the 1980s, the birth of chat and especially of the famous 56K modem. The world in the nineties seemed full of opportunities for the young people of that time. All these elements frame a plot centered on great friendships and teenage love. The idea is by Francesco Ebbasta, who also worked on the writing together with Costanza Durante, Laura Grimaldi and Davide Orsini. The cast is full of young talents, where we also find two members of The Jackal, namely Gianluca Fru and Fabio Balsamo.

Generation 56K: official release date

Netflix reveals more and more information about the new Italian TV series titled Generation 56K. First of all, it revealed the official release date: it will be available from July 1, 2021 in all countries around the world where Netflix is active. Therefore, those who have not yet subscribed to the service can do so right now, finding the ideal subscription for their needs.

Generation 56K: new plot details

The TV series will tell all the contradictions of the Millennial generation, the one that at the beginning of adolescence was overwhelmed by the digital revolution. The arrival of the Internet in the nineties changed society forever. Today, technology offers enormous opportunities, infinite connections, the ability to reach any space in the world - at least virtually - in less than a second. But living life in such a frenetic way is not at all easy, especially for those who are not digital natives.

The plot, therefore, tells these dynamics and focuses on the story of Daniel and Matilda, a friendship that begins at an early age and evolves over time, until it turns into love. There is no shortage of historical friends, including Luca and Sandro. The story is set between Naples and Procida and falls in the comedy genre. There is no shortage of memories, time jumps, quotes that only Millennials can really understand.

Starting with the soundtrack. In fact, there will be no lack of nostalgic music and songs, such as the notes of "Come mai" by 883, the anthem of the generation. The direction is by Francesco Ebbasta and Alessio Maria Federici. The episodes take place in different timelines, telling the events from 1998 to the present day. We'll get to know the characters as children, but we'll follow them through time, all the way to adulthood.

In short, the TV series has all the makings of the Italian cult show of summer 2021. All that remains is to wait until July 1 to watch the first season.