Spider silk could replace single-use plastic

A vegan spider-silk-like material that could replace plastic in many common products has been made by researchers at the University of Cambridge. It is vegan-based, sustainable and could one day replace single-use plastic in many products you use every day. It is a material very similar to spider silk that has been made by researchers … Read more

Apple hires a former Tesla: Apple Car coming soon

Apple has reshuffled the team working on electric cars: from Tesla arrives Christopher Moore and the Apple Car project goes on No calm from the parts of Cupertino, where many insiders are convinced that they work almost non-stop to the realization of an electric car that for the moment is known as Apple Car – … Read more

EU against Whatsapp and Facebook: no data exchange between the apps

The new policy introduced by the messaging app last August and which provides for the sharing of data with the social network The European Union moves against Whatsapp. In particular to end up under accusation are the changes to the terms of service that provide for the sharing of certain information with Facebook. The new … Read more