Sgnl, all you need to make calls is a finger… in your ear

What if you could make calls with your finger? No, it’s not a publicity stunt by some phone company, nor is it the plot of the sequel to E.T. But a new wearable device that turns a simple bracelet into a receiver for calls and transmits them to your ear with a finger. It’s not … Read more

How to use the Nintendo Switch’s hidden browser

The Japanese hybrid console hides a browser inside. Here’s how to launch it and use it to surf online The Nintendo Switch’s gaming qualities should be beyond doubt by now. The fixed/laptop hybrid console of the Japanese manufacturer, despite the doubts that accompanied it in the phase that preceded its launch, has beaten several sales … Read more

Speravo de morì prima: where to see the series on Francesco Totti

It will chronicle the last two years of the historic Roma captain’s career, with many anecdotes and testimonials. Here is the plot, cast, release Speravo de morì prima – La serie su Francesco Totti is the new, long-awaited title signed by Sky Original. Just as the name says, it will focus on the last years … Read more